Demo Content

The demo for Populus utilises a large stock of custom code and styling to make the most of every content item and show what Populus can do. This basically means that the HTML used in the custom modules and content have customisations which employ the characteristics of the template to make the "perfect" content.

This demo content section will take you through some of the content areas and general techniques used to further your understand and help you realise Populus true potential. If you would like to quickly deploy a replica of our Populus demo for a new Joomla site, be sure to check out our RocketLauncher package.

Extensions Used

In the demo, we have used lots of 3rd party extensions, geared towards a community Portal. These are: You can download a range of modules that usually accompany the extensions such as the Latest posts module from Fireboard, the Random users module from Community Builder and Popular Groups module from Groupjive. You can find most of these on the Joomla Extensions Directory.

Tabbed Modules

Populus features an exciting new RokSlide powered tabbed module system. It is designed to allow you to publish your modules into the designated locations, creating tabs for each module position which you can customise. Currently, Populus uses the User10-14 module positions for you tabs. By default, Joomla does not include these module positions, so these must be created in the Joomla admin.

Read More Buttons

Read more buttons are automatically generated for content items that use the intro and main text option. However, you can easily insert them manually as witnessed on this demo. Use the following code:
<a href="your_link" class="readon">Read More...</a>

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